Sunday, July 26, 2009

fancy nancies

Being the silly girl that I am, I agreed to hosting a birthday party the weekend before our move. Mercedes hadn't had a birthday party in November, because I wasn't feeling up to it.  I'd promised her a party before our move.  It was a great way for her to get together with her friends one last time and say goodbye.  

Mercedes chose to have a Fancy Nancy Tea Party, using her great grandmother's tea set.  We had a fun time planning and preparing the menu.  To drink, we served hot chocolate in place of tea (complete with mini marshmallows and whipping cream), with the option of sparkling raspberry lemonade.  Then to eat we made heart shaped PB&J and heart shaped strawberry cream cheese tea sandwiches, fruit salad and dip.  

The darling Fancy Nancies getting to know each other.

Fancy Mercedes during the "fashion show."

High Noon Tea Time.  We couldn't leave Cooper out.

For dessert, I bought Petite Fours from our local bakery, and frosted mini brownie bites.

Before church the next day, showing off her "glamorous" sunglasses.  
I found them on clearance for the party, but didn't get any pictures of her in them.

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Meggan said...

How fun! You are a crazy woman for fitting that in when you are moving across the country, but it looks like a great time! I'm sure she'll remember it forever.