Monday, July 13, 2009

Watch out... he's a mover!

Brent home teaches a family in our ward who has a baby boy just three 
weeks younger than Lincoln. When they asked about Lincoln last 
week, Brent told them about his "crawling," and they were shocked.  
They said that their baby just lays there quietly. It's true!  
I see him in church and he's just sitting calmly on his mother's lap.  
I've been in the mother's lounge with him; he nurses quietly and 
calmly. Lincoln is NEVER still, unless of course he's sleeping.  
What would it be like? I must admit that I'm envious, 
but it's also fun to see Lincoln trying to chase after his brother 
and sister. When I go in to get him from his crib he is almost 
always on his hands and knees, rocking away. One of these 
days he'll sit up to play and do a little less spitting up on the 
carpet (I hope!).

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