Tuesday, December 23, 2014

They Are Always Surprising Me

I was listening to my boys talk tonight as I sat on my bed.

As they played in their room I caught a whiff of conversation:

Lincoln:  I was born in Two Thousand Twelve!

Cooper:  I was born in Two Thousand Pie!  
Lincoln, do you know what Pie is?  
It's a number between 3 and 4!

Me:  Cooper!  Where did you learn that?!!!??!

Cooper:  Uhhh.... I don't know... I just know it!

Obviously, he isn't learning his math skills from his mother.

Lincoln:  I was born in Two Thousand Boom Boom!!!

Maybe Lincoln is learning his math skills from his mother :).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

dance party



To prove that we did make it to the park once (or twice) this summer.

Sidney to Anacortes to Home

Sidney Harbor

She was devastated when we separated from Gram and Grandpa.

Stuck in Seattle traffic... this made me think of Brent.  He loves (expensive/fast/pretty) cars.

Anacortes to Sidney


Butchart Gardens

Bus tour through Victoria

My lovely seat-mate on a super-fun double-decker bus tour of Victoria.

 Our tour guide was impressed by Lincoln's reaction to this Cathedral - a very reverent "whoa."

Gorgeous homes.

He passed out half-way through.

I am in LOVE with Vancouver Island.  I'll have to work on convincing Brent to retire here :).

Downtown Victoria, BC