Thursday, April 14, 2016


3rd, 7th, and 1st.

This one is rockin' the school thing.  
Coop was the only student in the third grade 
to get a 93% on the reading portion 
of the practice STAAR test this year, 
for which he received a 
special commendation.  
After school he's all about the friends.  
He rollerblades, explores the nearby fields,
and practices soccer.

This one makes us laugh every single day.
He's becoming a strong reader and joined his
brother and sister this year in the straight A club.
He works hard but always has fun.
He's learning to be patient with a frustrating
 boy in his class at school (Carl).

Best friends (and only sometimes mortal enemies).
We love how they look out for each other.

This girl seriously has almost 100% in all of her classes.
Where did she come from?
She amazes me every day.
She's a soprano in advanced choir 
and on the swim team of her middle school.
She recently added Beehive President to
her list of extra curriculars.