Wednesday, August 17, 2011


August has been a full month for us.  

Unfortunately, I didn't take our camera to Utah.  


But still we had fun....

Being with grandparents.
Bowling with cousins.
Seeing Aunt Suzanne.
Going to the park with Grandma.
Feeding the neighbors' horses.
Seeing old friends.
Camping in American Fork Canyon - thanks Grandpa!
Riding "Taylor's" horse - the boys fell off and got right back on again!
Having movie night.
Playing with Mendo and Willie - we'll miss you!
Playing games with Aunt Lorraine and girls.
Shopping for school clothes.
Going to movies.
Going shooting with Kev, Annmarie and Chris.
Shopping for Atlee - we're so excited to meet you!!!
Eating too many donuts.
Watching the Iron Giant with Chris.
Going to the Provo Beach Resort with Gram and cousins.
Spending mucho bucks to keep our beloved Yukon running.
Riding the 4-wheeler.
Watching the "pioneer day" fireworks.

Thanks to Uncle Chris for getting us to Utah, and to Grandma for getting us back home.  I would not have made the 15 hour drive by myself.  At least not in one day.

Now we're working on getting back to "real" life.  

I'm grateful that I spent yesterday cleaning, since Lincoln woke early this morning throwing up what little was left in his stomach.  So far, he hasn't been able to even hold down water.  We're rubbing peppermint oil on his feet and back to help with the fever.  I've never been able to get him to ingest any kind of medicine.  

So far this morning we've watched Callou, Strawberry Shortcake and are currently on Meet the Robinsons.  It's a "cuddle-couch" day for sure.  Every once in a while Lincoln will nod off, but isn't able to stay asleep.  He usually wakes up barfing.  Nice, right?  Don't worry - we've got a bowl on standby.

Mercedes and Cooper are doing well on their own, for which I am grateful!  They're playing school at the moment.  I'm all set with a pile of books picked up from the library yesterday.