Thursday, July 9, 2009

independence day photos

We didn't do a lot to celebrate this year.  
We spent most of the day packing.  
We managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun, though.

Brent said that this is a picture to illustrate what 
he thinks of South Carolina.  He loves the people, but can't stand 
the sandy dirt, heat and humidity, bugs, pollen etc.

Cooper having fun on the tramp.

Cooper not having fun on the tramp. 
 The girls were bouncing so hard that 
he kept falling right on his face, poor guy.

Our neighbor brought over her Slip-n-Slide, 
but Cooper was the only one who 
really enjoyed it.  Here he's sporting his awesome 
Thomas the Train swim trunks.


Our neighbor and friend Kaley, Cooper and Mercedes 
in the back seat on the way to Chili's.  
Our propane ran out right before the 4th, 
and since we're about to move 
we didn't see the sense in re-filling it.  
The 4th just isn't the same without a grill.

Mercedes and Kaley.

Cooper Mercedes and Lincoln.

We tried to get a group shot.

And tried.

And tried.

I just hope that it's a day that the kids will remember.  
Mercedes was tired and not feeling well by night-fall, 
so we didn't make it to the fireworks.  
Guess we just have something to look forward to next year!


Suzanne said...

Oh, I just love coming to your blog and seeing a picture of my brother as I truly remember him. That tongue!

nietra said...

Gerratt says back to Suzanne,"You're one to talk, licking Britton in that one picture!"