Friday, July 17, 2009

Peas and Pizza

I didn't expect Brent home for dinner on Monday night, and so I took full advantage of his absence with a very "kid friendly" dinner:  Mini Pizzas and Peas.  

Well, Brent finished his project early and was home in time for dinner.  

When it's just me and the kids at the dinner table, I can't say that we have tons of fun.  After spending all day together, we're all tired and sometimes cranky; what patience I might have had in the morning has long been spent.  

Brent, however, provides a "breath of fresh air."  When he's home for dinner we almost always end up having fun.  He lightens my mood as well as the kids'.  

Monday was no different.  He did not complain at such a simple dinner (I'm sure he wouldn't dare, but also he's just that sweet).  Rather, he made a dinner of pizza on English muffins and frozen peas into something entirely new: Pea Pizza.  

Sounds gross, right?  At least I thought it sounded and looked gross.  I was the only one.

The kids LOVED it!

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