Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the letter "p"

Please be warned.  This post is not for the faint of heart.  That being said, Mercedes and I had a funny conversation today.

This afternoon she came out of the bathroom and said,  "Mommy, you know that stuff that goes in the toilet that starts with the letter p?"

(My mother always used "correct" terms for everything, and so bestowed the same habit upon me.  I CANNOT STAND the "p" word.  When I was little I once came home from my cousins' house and excitedly shared with my mother - "Mommy!  Aunt Sharon calls it BM!"  Just one of my many idiosyncrasies).

My reply:  "You mean urine?  It's called urine."

"Well, I just went and it wasn't yellow at all.  It was white!"  She was SO excited about this.  

When she was little she used to drink tons of water and stayed well-hydrated.  These days, she doesn't drink much and I've told her that if her, ahem, urine is yellow it means that she isn't drinking enough water. 

"Wow, that's great."

"And all day it's been white!  Even when I first woke up this morning?  It was white!"

"Mercedes, that's not true.  No one's is white when they first wake up in the morning."

"Oh.  Well... just now it was white!"

It just cracks me up that she was SO excited about it.

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