Friday, July 17, 2009

Playing with Lincoln, Part Two

When the other kids aren't around, 
this is how Lincoln and I spend our time:

He's definitely a "tummy" boy, 
and never stays in one place for long.
He does NOT like being in his "jumpy" seat;
he likes the freedom of travel.

A few weeks ago,
 Lincoln started making this face:

He does it ALL of the time.  
I call it his "owl" face,
 since it is often accompanied 
by the sound, "ooooo, ooooo."

He likes to work out.  
Push-ups are definitely his favorite:

A sneeze:

I think it's funny that 
he can't decide between the 
car and the "my little pony" 
toy.  These are his two favorite
toys.  He doesn't seem to 
appreciate "baby" toys.

This is how his "army crawl" starts out:

He hasn't figured out how to 
stay on his hands and knees, 
and so lurches right onto 
his face every time.

The drool is a permanent fixture,
 even when he's rocking.

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