Friday, July 17, 2009

Playing with Lincoln, part one

Yesterday I walked into the family room and discovered this:

It was so sweet to see Mercedes playing with her 
brother without being asked.

After a while, though, playing with 
Lincoln turned into this:

Lincoln watching Mercedes, 
watching Barney.

After watching for a few minutes,
 she began to sing to Lincoln, which he loves.

If Cooper and Lincoln are both awake 
at the same time, 
you can be sure that 
Cooper is stuck to his 
little brother like glue.  

The most-often heard phrase 
in our house (after "I love you"), is:

 "Cooper, don't touch Lincoln!"  

The thing is, 
he loves his brother a 
little too much, 
and doesn't understand 
his own strength.

Every once in a while, Cooper focuses 
on something other than his brother:

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