Tuesday, July 14, 2009

big trouble

This afternoon, shortly after I had finished washing a load of dishes, Cooper came into the kitchen for a drink.  

I had spilled water all over while rinsing out a large baking dish.

As soon as he saw me, Cooper said: "Mommy, you spilled water on you tummy?"

"Oh yes, I spilled water while I was doing the dishes."

"You in big trouble Mommy!  You spilled water!"

The funny thing is, no one gets in trouble for spilling water in our house.  Earlier today Cooper spilled a whole bottle of pickle juice on the floor and didn't get in trouble (even though he should NOT have been getting into the pickles while I was in the shower).  I'm just glad that the accident happened before I mopped the floor.

But he's been using that expression often lately.  I catch Mercedes saying it to him every once in a while; "Cooper, you'd better give that back to me or you'll be in big trouble!"

I guess I should go and give myself a time-out.  Wouldn't that be lovely?

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