Wednesday, August 5, 2009

we're here!

Weeeeeeee made it!  Whew.  

When Brent told me his plan to drive the 2100 miles from Lexington to Utah in just three days with a nursing baby, I was skeptical.  Back in the days of car seats and seat belts being optional, it might not have seemed such a tedious task.  Of course, the speed limits were lower then, too.  

But we did it and it's over!  

Brent's mom flew out to attend his graduation (more about that on another day) and to help us with the drive.  While Brent drove the 24 foot Penske truck and car trailer, Kim and I took turns driving the Yukon.  For three days, we stopped every three hours for about an hour.  It only takes Lincoln about 15-20 minutes to eat, but then there is the diaper changing (two boys), the bathroom trips, the fueling, and sometimes happy-meal buying to attend to.  

After starting out, it was soon apparent that our biggest problem would be Cooper and Mercedes fighting.  When they're well-rested, they get along pretty well.  However, they were definitely nowhere near well-rested.  The problem was solved by Brent, who offered Cooper a ride in the big yellow truck.  For most of Thursday, Cooper just sat happily and watched the road go by.  He didn't watch movies.  He didn't listen to music.  I don't think that he even played with toys or colored.  He didn't have fun snacks or drinks.  He just enjoyed riding in a big yellow truck.

We traveled through South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah.  My favorite states were probably Missouri and Nebraska, though they were all (with the exception of Wyoming) gorgeous.

We were divinely protected and avoided at least (if not more) a few accidents, including one involving a hydro-planing car in Georgia.  

I'm so grateful to Kim for driving with me.  Not only did she trade the driving responsibility with me (I don't stay awake too well these days), but she was a calming influence for my overwhelmed and frazzled nerves.  She was always patient with the kids, which - let's face it - isn't easy with loud and persistent criers and whiners in a confined space for three days.

Lincoln was the quietest of the bunch.  He just ate and slept.  He always let me know that he didn't enjoy getting back into the car seat, but didn't throw fits.  I am constantly amazed by his patience and flexibility.

Now we're just working on the unpacking phase of things.  Brent left yesterday with his brother (thank you Garrett and Nietra!!!) to take the rest of our stuff up to Washington, where it will wait for us in storage.  He'll fly back here on Thursday, and we'll get to enjoy him until the 16th, when he leaves to report for duty.  

I'm enjoying my super-comfy bed (it's better than a 5 star hotel here) and the kids are enjoying a whole room filled with new (to them) toys.  The nice thing about being the only grandkids, is that they are spoiled, spoiled, and more spoiled.  The bad thing about being the only grandkids, is that they are spoiled, spoiled and more spoiled.


Meggan said...

Yay!! What a long trip!

Andrea Marie Photography said...

Lisa! I'm so glad I found your blog! You new son is so adorable....which is no surprise since you have the cutest kids. We'll be in Utah a lot this winter so we'll have to meet up....until then I'll be expecting more pictures on your blog! Good luck with settling in. : )