Saturday, June 27, 2009

We're getting ready!

After twelve months here, we are finally getting ready to move on.  It's possible that if we were leaving in the autumn or winter, that I might be feeling a little sad (the very littlest bit).  It's gorgeous here in the fall, and the temperature is just right.  But with the temperature currently at 101 degrees plus humidity, I am SO ready to move on!  

I have learned, though, just why everyone moves so slowly here.  I mean, the air is so thick with heat and moisture that it's hard to move through.  It's heavy.  It's almost impossible to be quick under such conditions.  My cousin is starting his basic training here next month and I can't think of anything worse. Except, maybe, living in Iceland or something.  Maybe.  

Anyway... I mentioned that we're getting ready to leave.  We've made many trips to our local thrift store.  I long ago packed up all of our books and lots of toys (I was so sick of the clutter).  Last weekend Brent made himself a dolly for moving our super-huge and heavy furniture.  Our home-teacher, who recently moved here from Maine, donated a nice stack of boxes.  Yesterday we packed our "trink-a-dinks," non-essential kitchen items, blankets and pillows.  Today we packed some more miscellaneous items and purchased boxes for our picture frames and files.  

Our stack of boxes, patiently waiting to be filled.

I just think that he is so clever.

Our attics are both filled, and now we're working on filling the garage.