Tuesday, June 30, 2009

kung-fu chris

Right now, Mercedes is sitting on the couch with Cooper, watching Sesame Street.  I've been reading the news online.  Since we lost our "free" cable, I have no idea of what's going on in the world! 

Just now, Mercedes suddenly exclaimed, "Mama! Mama!"

She always waits for me to respond in order to be certain that she has my undivided attention.

"Yes, Mercedes?  I'm listening."

"You know that movie Kung-Fu Panda?"


"Well, the guy that is on the Kung-Fu Panda movie (which we haven't seen) is on Sesame Street.  And you know what?  He kind of looks like Chris."

"I think so too."

I can't ever look at Jack Black without thinking that he looks A LOT like my brother, I just didn't expect for Mercedes to notice the same thing.

(Maybe not in this picture, but usually his hair is darker and sometimes he has a full dark beard.  But unfortunately, I don't have many recent pictures of Chris.  This is from Christmas a few years ago).
Kids are smart.

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