Tuesday, June 30, 2009

photo album

Tonight Cooper was looking at our photo album.  

(No, I do not scrapbook.  I tried.  I failed.  Blame it on my ADD.  A few years ago I found some albums at Costco that I could just stick the pictures into.  Easy Squeesy, just my style.)

Cooper does not just look at pictures.  He's a conversationalist.  He wants to talk about every single picture, and it's hilarious to me (and sometimes exhausting).

"That's you Mommy?  That's you?"


"That's Daddy, Mommy?  That's Daddy?"


"Who's that Mommy, who's that?"

"That's Uncle Chris."

"Oh, Uncle Chris.  I like him."

"Who's that Mommy?  Who's that?"

"That's Grandpa."

"Oh, Grandpa."

"That's Grandpa, Mommy?  That's Grandpa?"


"I love him."


Once Brent was done brushing Mercedes' teeth, he joined in the great fun.

"What's that Daddy?  That's Mickey Mouse?"

"No.  That's a rat."

My head immediately popped up.  I don't remember having a rat-picture in our photo album.

Me:  "That's not a rat, Cooper.  That's Chuck E. Cheese."

Cooper:  "Oh, that's a mouse?"

Brent:  "No Cooper, that's a rat.  A RAT."

I got to go with my cousins to Chuck E. Cheese for my fourth and fifth birthdays, and therefore hold him close to my heart.  I guess that Brent didn't have a similar experience.  

So I asked Brent what he has against Chuck E Cheese.

"Nothing.  Isn't that a rat?  It looks like a rat.  Haven't you seen Ratatouille?  It looks just like Ratatouille's dad."

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