Monday, June 8, 2009

captain obvious

We recently bought a pair of pink rollerblades for Mercedes.  I was jealous, remembering how much I used to love rollerblading, so Brent found a pair for me.  He really had to hunt for them.  He called every sporting goods store in the Columbia area and finally found one that sold rollerblades.  They were having a sale at the time, and so I thought that I was getting a great deal: a pair of $160.00 rollerblades for less than $100.00!  

Later that night I mentioned to Brent that it would be fun if he got a pair too, then we could all go together.  The next morning on the way home from the temple, he stopped and bought a pair for himself.  He hadn't ever rollerbladed before and was excited to try them out.  

Well, after spending less than hour practicing, the latches on BOTH of his skates broke.  Real quality merchandise, no?  I had him return mine along with his, and Brent began an online search for blades that wouldn't fall apart.  

We've been waiting anxiously... and today they came.  Yea!!!  

Aren't they beautiful?

Unfortunately, Brent mistakenly ordered a size 7 for himself, rather than an 11.  Sigh.  So it's back to waiting for him.  I had fun on mine though!  The skating came back just like riding a bike.   The stopping, however, will take some practice.  I mean, it's been at least 10 years.  For now, I just roll onto the grass.  I'm grateful that Brent was thoughtful enough to also purchase some wrist guards for us.  I don't exactly have the world's greatest balance or coordination.

Mercedes has been practicing hard and is getting better each day.  I look forward to when we can take a trip around the block together.  For now, we must settle for the family bike ride.  We finally went out tonight all together.  It was fun.  Mercedes enjoyed being the leader.  It's just too bad that the bike we bought when she was three is too small for her.  (She looks like a unicycle-r when she pedals).  We bought it big, with 16" wheels, thinking that it would last for a long time.  Well, the long time has passed.  Looks like the Barbie bike will be staying here in South Carolina.  She's excited that she can now graduate to a High School Musical bike.  

She's a pretty funny girl.  Tonight as Brent was getting Lincoln out of the bike trailer, she graced us with a classic Mercedes line...

Brent:  "How're you doing there Linky-Stinks?"

Mercedes, in a scolding voice: "Daddy, he can't talk you know.  He's just a baby."

Brent:  "Well thanks, Captain Obvious!"

And earlier, when Cooper and his trike were in her way...  

"Cooper, get out of the way!  Do you want my rollerblades to roll right over you?"

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