Monday, March 21, 2011

a very wet march, in pictures

We spend most of our time inside,
and I seem to spend most of my time
building train tracks.
Cooper likes them to make "circles."
We take them down at night
and put them up again in the morning.

See that heating vent in the lower right corner?
Cooper's favorite place.  Just like I used to during
the cold winters of New Jersey, Coop
sits on it when he's cold.  He's always playing with cars
and or trains.  Tracks are not always necessary.

Brent before some ball he had to go to.

Probably the reason Cooper gets sick the most.  He doesn't
love veggies as much as the others.  This is Lincoln
sneaking orange pepper slices before dinner.  If he picked
up a red or yellow one, or a piece of broccoli, he'd put it back.
Kind of like picking out your favorite kind of candy at
Halloween, right?  He was CHOWING down.  We dipped
our veggies in a yummy yogurt-avocado dip
that Mercedes made in the blender for us.

Mercedes taking Cooper's temperature.
I spent a good hour trying to get him to drink some
medicine.  Mercedes talked him into it within a few minutes.
What a girl!

Cooper is finally venturing off of the couch today.  He's been laying down for the past four days, poor guy.  His cough has turned more meaty, (rather than like a seal) and his eyes are less full of goop.  He's definitely over the worst of it.  Lincoln, however, has red swollen eyes, a baby seal bark, and a fountain coming out of his nose.  At least we know what we're dealing with this time!  And Lincoln drank the tylenol right down, thank goodness!  So unlike Cooper (who only agreed to take it a few times), he won't be quite as uncomfortable.

Welcome Spring!

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