Monday, March 7, 2011


Here in the dreary (for now) Pacific Northwest, we take advantage of nice weather whenever we can get it.    Although we all love living here, this winter has been tough for us.  The rain and gray skies aren't so bad... it's the staying inside ALL of the time that drives us a little CRAZY!

So when we had a break from the rain on Saturday, Brent took the kids to THREE parks (I was stuck at home preparing a primary lesson - along with being a "perfectionist" I am also a "master procrastinator").  They finally came home because, you guessed it!, it started raining.

Brent had the day off today, which left me free to finally visit the dentist (first exam and cleaning in 18 months).  He and Cooper and Lincoln played and played and played and played and played (more parks were involved).  Brent was a little surprised by just HOW much energy Cooper has.  I'm convinced that the kids' poor sleep, crankiness, whining and fighting are MOSTLY a result of being cooped up.

I pretty much spent the day in transit to or from or at the dentist.  My exam was this morning and I didn't realize until I was there that they don't schedule cleanings along with the exams (like I'm used to).  It was a great appointment though (my new dentist is also my stake president and one of the nicest people in the world) and even though I was informed that I need to invest in a night guard (grinding problems), I was relieved to find out that I have NO CAVITIES!  YAY!!  HIP HIP HOORAY!  After Endodonic Surgery in August, I was a little worried about a repeat performance in my mouth.  I was lucky that a spot opened up for a cleaning this afternoon, and I was able to get everything taken care of while Brent was home.

Tonight we had the most delicious dinner.  And so easy!  Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Ravioli is completely scrumptious.  It's like eating cake for dinner.  I boiled the pasta and then added a bit of EVOO, some chophouse seasoning, sliced Campari tomatoes and olives and voila!  The kids didn't even complain about the mixed veggies we had along with it.

Now if we can just survive FHE without getting frustrated with each other, today will be a completely perfect day.

How was your Monday?

Good luck to us and you!


Gretch said...

That was fun to read about what is going on with you guys!!

Lisa Thanks for commenting on my blog!! I love comments on blogs!

Our baby girl, Ellie, is doing so well! She most likely will come on Sat!! That is in 2 1/2 days, well less than that!

Have fun! I can't beleive Mercedes is in 2nd grade! She was a baby at my wedding!

:) Gretchen

Gretch said...

I meant come home!!