Monday, March 28, 2011

bye bye BOB, you've served us well

Even though we're not 100% over the latest bug to visit our home, we're all very excited for our upcoming adventure.  We'll be visiting family in Utah, and then bringing a few family members back home to Washington with us!  Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Brent's been complaining lately about the rise in gas prices (the drive will cost us almost double in gas as it did just a few months ago), so I sold my wonderful Bob Duallie Revolution Stroller (Cooper mostly rides his bike now and we still have our single jogger).  The cash will completely cover the cost of the drive!

No more complaining Brent!

Just so you know, Brent doesn't complain about much.  He's a very patient husband.  He doesn't complain when the house is messy, or when I neglect to make a hot dinner, or when I want to sleep in on Saturday morning and he gets to be in charge of the kiddies.  He mostly just complains about money, because he does not like to spend it.  He likes to save it.  It's a great quality that I'm grateful for in him, and that I'm trying to acquire for myself.  He's not quite Ebeneezer Scrooge and I'm not quite Eva Paron... we're getting better at meeting in the middle.

I'm taking a break from a crying two-year-old who is cutting his last molar (for a while - yay!) and wants to be held non-stop (he's down for his nap right now - thank goodness!) and the piles of laundry waiting to be washed and put away so that I can pack our bags, to eat a yummy salad and do a bit of venting.

The icing on top of the "visiting family" cake is that it seems (according to the 10-day forecast) to be much warmer in Deseret than it is here!  We're ready for some sun, some high 50 degree / maybe even 60 degree temperatures and a whole lot of catching up with family and friends.

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