Wednesday, March 30, 2011

oh suzannie....

Tonight on our way home from "erranding" (snacks for our long drive from Wal-Mart and gas from Costco), Mercedes tried to explain to Cooper how to blow a bubble with gum.  

She reminisced about her aunt Suzannie teaching her how to do it.

Suzanne and David in Midway last December.

We talked about how great aunt Suzannie is.  

This is why we love her!

That convinced Mercedes and Cooper to list all of the people they love.

Cooper said, "I love everyone in Utah and Washington, except for the girl who pinches my cheeks."

I'd forgotten until then, that he has complained before about a little girl in his primary class at church who pinches his cheeks.  

I asked who she is, since I know a few of the kids in his class and wondered.

Cooper on his 4th birthday.
"Her name is Melissa.  I don't like that girl, just everyone else."

I thought of Cooper's adorable chipmunk cheeks, and understood how someone would be tempted to pinch and pinch.  

Personally, I like to kiss them every chance I get.

My imagination took off at Mach 5 and I saw lines of girls to come... ones who will fall in love with those adorable cheeks.  

Sometimes I wish that he could stay 4 forever.

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