Saturday, March 19, 2011

the crouper cooper

Look at that face!
Our first (or my and Cooper's  first, I should say) experience with CROUP started in the wee morning hours of Thursday morning (see previous post).  Of course I didn't realize it was croup, because he hardly coughed.  Mostly he complained about hurting (he had a fever) and a sore throat.  I was thinking Strep Throat or Tonsilitis (both of which I am very well acquainted with).  By late afternoon I was VERY worried.  He'd done well all morning, but woke up from an afternoon nap in a panic.  He felt like he couldn't breathe.  His throat hurt.  He could hardly talk.  His fever was just below 100 degrees according to our thermometer, but it wasn't going down with ibuprofen and acetaminophen.  

As soon as Brent got home from work, Coop and I headed to our local Children's Hospital ER.  (I'd heard horrible stories about the ER at our local Army Facility, and didn't even try it.)  We left during prime traffic time, and it still only took 30 minutes to get there, thank goodness!  I pulled up to the complementary valet, and within 15 minutes Cooper was in his own examination room.  According to the hospital's thermometer he had a temperature of 101.1 (guess mine's a little off).  

He wasn't fond of the hospital gown, and really didn't want to take his pants off.  His trusted green quilt (thanks Grandma!) came in handy, as it always is comforting to him.  He watched a bit of Toy Story 3 on my Nano until I realized that the room had its own TV.  

After a quick exam and talk with the doctor, Cooper was given a blue popsicle, blue gatorade, and a dose of steroids.  We were good to go.  In and out within an hour.  Heavenly, really - compared to what we're used to.  

Two days later we're still struggling.  He doesn't sleep well.  It's like climbing Mt. Everest when we try to convince him to drink his medicine.  And the doctor said, "No dairy!"  Unfortunately, Cooper loves his dairy and not much else.  He's constantly asking for yogurt and cheese, and would prefer those to the popsicles the doctor recommended.  He literally spent all of today (other than when we took Mercedes to gymnastics) on the couch (including nap-time), watching movies and tv shows.  Very un-Cooper-like behavior.

Oh - and he's spread the virus into his eyes.  
Conjunctivitis in both eyes. 
 The poor kid can't catch a break!

Tonight Mercedes insisted that Cooper be given a Priesthood Blessing.  
Brent and I looked at each other thinking, "why didn't I think of that?"  

What a wonderful gift the Priesthood is.  We feel sure that Cooper will be able to rest peacefully tonight.

Just don't be dropping by anytime soon unless you'd like to be infected.  It's ugly.  

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The Mom said...

Oh, poor Cooper! I briefly saw your hubby and Mercedes at Stake Conference today, but didn't get a chance to talk to them...I was wondering where you were at. Hope Cooper gets better soon!