Thursday, April 2, 2009

Working Hard!

I'm really enjoying this baby time with Lincoln. With Mercedes and Cooper I was always wishing for them to grow up a little bit. Brent and I don't really love the baby stage. I've always looked forward to them sleeping more, eating less often, being able to eat real food, feeding themselves, being potty trained, etc. It must be because I know that this is my last baby that I just want to savor every minute of it. My house is a disaster area, and I've just decided that it's ok. Life will change soon enough.

He really does spend most of his time sleeping, at least 17 hours a day. He can only handle being up for an hour at a time (that includes feeding). Unfortunately, when he misses sleep because we have to go somewhere, he has a hard time sleeping once we get home. An overtired baby is one of my least favorite things, so I try to protect his sleep time as much as possible. Because of this, Lincoln doesn't get much play time. The other day I put him in the swing while Cooper and I ate lunch and this is what I found him doing for the first time (sorry that the sound doesn't work):

He's working hard to use his hands and arms. He's also talking and laughing a lot. The other day he pulled my glasses off. He loves "Horsey horsey on our way..." (That song always reminds me of my Grandma Allphin. I get a little emotional when I think of her playing with my babies. She also did a lot of "patty cake.")

It's so exciting to see a baby learning to use the body that Heavenly Father created for him!


Kerri said...

Lincoln is really cute. My boys are fascinated by babies right now, so we just watched that video about 5 times in a row! I was amazed that even without the sound, they still just sat there mesmerized!

Hope you guys are doing well! We miss you!

Suzanne said...

Oh, it's so great to see Lincoln in action. He is a beautiful babe! I'm glad you are enjoying him.