Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little Scoundrel

Here's Cooper:

He likes to get into mischief. His sister has taught him well.

This is often the sort of thing I find after I've finished feeding Lincoln:

Sometimes he's on the counter trying to get a granola bar, which we keep on top of the fridge. He'd live on granola bars and milk if I let him. One time he climbed onto the counter to get the Strawberry Quik mix out of the cupboard. Then he got a huge cup and a casserole spoon. He filled the cup with water from the fridge. When I found him, he looked VERY guilty and there was strawberry quik mix covering the floor. It's a good thing he's so cute. I'm still trying to get a picture of him pouting. When he gets caught doing something naughty, he puts his head down and hunches his shoulders and looks really sad (its a good act). Maybe someday we'll see him and his sister on Broadway.

This morning Mercedes came upstairs howling because Cooper had bitten her. He wasn't too happy when she stopped him from climbing up the bookcase to get into the colored pencils:

I wasn't shocked that he bit her. When he gets really frustrated, he bites. I was shocked that he actually drew blood! Biting is something that he definitely did NOT learn from his sister, but forgiveness is. He immediately said "sorry" and kissed her and they were best friends again.

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Candice Carter said...

Wow!! Jackson bites in my family... he has never drawn blood before. All in time I'm sure.