Monday, August 2, 2010

busy beavers

As Brent would say,
we've been busy beavers.

Each mess we clean up seems
to make a bigger mess.

BUT - we can finally watch TV!

Here's a photo-story of our
latest accomplishment:

We started with a small
hole in the
wall above our fireplace,
and NO mantel.

So Brent made the
hole bigger.
Demo was fun.
And messy.

The kids were
great helpers.

But Cooper didn't like
the noise of the Shop-Vac.

Our wonderful next-door
neighbor does a lot
of work for
"Habitat for Humanity."
He was kind to offer
us the use of his tools.
We only had to rent a
finish nail gun and
buy some wood and
paint and...

A hole big enough for an
AND a mantel to hang
Christmas Stockings from
(my requirement).

Rather than having cable or satellite,
we bought an internet connectible TV.
We watch Netflix and
listen to Pandora - which I LOVE.
This morning Mercedes put on a
dance-show to our
"Jonas Brothers" channel.

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