Sunday, August 29, 2010

thank goodness for monday

I am SO GLAD that Sunday is OVER!

Brent and I had to speak in church today... not such a big deal for him; huge scare for me. I don't so much like being in front of people. Brent told me, "try not to say 'um' so much." So I wrote out my talk and just read it. When I'm on the spot like that, I can't think clearly! But thankfully, it's over.

Brent did a wonderful job. He hardly even cried - which made him very happy. I spoke about Agency, and he spoke about Accountability for that Agency. Wish I could speak like he does. Seriously. He doesn't even get nervous. He just gets mad when he cries.

After our Sacrament Meeting I went home and crawled into bed. I took two Advil this morning, and they didn't even take the edge off of this head pain. Surgery = NO FUN. So I slept until the kids woke me up for family scripture and prayer time.

Mercedes' school starts on Thursday and I've not registered her yet! Oopsie. Before we went to Utah, I'd left messages and gotten no return calls from the district office. Now that we're back and school is starting soon, I don't have to have an appointment but they are closed on Fridays (the first day that I was off of the hard drugs and allowed to drive last week). The poor girl is so worried. The other day she said, "Mommy, what if you don't get me registered in time and I can't go to school?!" So that's #1 on my list tomorrow. Tonight when she said our family prayer, she said "Please bless us that Mommy will feel up to registering me for school and that it will be sunny and maybe we can walk on the beach." The district office is right on the coast of the Puget Sound, and the kids have been anxious to visit the beach.

Better get off to bed.


Rachel said...

Lis - what surgery?

easydoesit said...

Oh, just mouth surgery. They had to cut through my gums to remove an infection above the root of one of my molars. Not a bad experience. The healing just takes FOREVER.