Tuesday, August 3, 2010

oh, how we love christmas

Last night as we were driving home from the closest "good" mall in our area (almost an hour away), Mercedes was excited to see Mt. Rainier. She's always excited to see Mt. Rainier. It's still quite an impressive sight to all of us. We can only see it on clear and sunny days, and it's always covered in snow.

Here's what conversations sound like in our family:

Mercedes: Look! I see Mt. Rainier!!!!

Me: Yup.

Cooper: Why is it called Mt. Rainier?

Me: Because that is what the mountain's name is.

Cooper: Does it have Reindeer on it?

Me: Maybe!

Cooper: Is it Christmastime there? Is that where Santa is?

Mercedes: (In a very "know it all voice") No, Cooper. Santa lives at the North Pole and that's where Reindeer live, too.

Me: Well, maybe there are some Reindeer living on Mt. Rainier.

Later, we passed an amusement park. It was close to 8 pm and Mercedes said, "I wish we could go there, but it's probably closed."

Cooper: No! It's not closed! (He was VERY upset with her assumption.)

Mercedes: Yes it is, Cooper. Because it's late.

Cooper: No it isn't, Mercedes! No, Mercedes - it isn't CLOSED!!!

I finally asked Mercedes to drop the subject, and ten minutes later I could still hear Coop in the back whispering, "it isn't closed. It isn't closed."

Apparently, it was VERY important to him that the park remain open. I think that he was afraid that if it closed, he'd never get to go there.

Also, he's very stubborn.

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