Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome to Pacey-Con!

OK. So there are many things that I should be doing right now.

I should be feeding Lincoln his breakfast.

I should change Cooper's stinky diaper.

I should convince Mercedes to get off of the couch (where she's currently watching the movie, "Soccer Mom") and make her bed, get dressed, etc.

I should finish cleaning my kitchen before the RS Presidency gets here for my "welcome visit."

I should organize this office.

I should fold the laundry and put another load in the washer.

But instead, I've just been watching this:
If you click on it, you'll be directed to the source and can watch it full-screen.

For all of you "once upon a time" Dawson Creek fans, this is hilarious. I admit it: when I was in college, my apartment had a Dawson night for a while. We also had a Gilmore Girls night. And Pacey was Sarah's favorite. I miss those days.

So now I'll go and cross some of those "shoulds" off of my list.

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