Thursday, July 15, 2010

life is good


It's been a wild and crazy week for us.

Here's a run-down:

My parents drove us to Washington, and then moved all of our stuff into our house from our storage unit. What's stronger than Superman? 'Cause that's what my dad is. And my mom. I still don't know how they did it.

Grandpa dancing with Lincoln.

After spending a few days in Kurdistan, Brent endured a 25 hour flight and arrived on American soil!!! We got to pick him up on Monday night and it's so great to be together again.

Lincoln just about bit his tongue off. Literally. Poor kid could hardly eat for a few days, plus he had a fever and NO sleep. But he's a trooper and seems to be getting back to his "old-self."

I found Mercedes sitting on the floor in our den crying. In her hand was the note that Grandma wrote to us before returning to Utah.

Grandma and the kids.

I had an ocean view for a few months in Laguna Beach and thought that nothing would top it. I was wrong. This place is AMAZING. It is so beautiful here. AND we have ocean air because we're so close to the Puget Sound. It actually feels a lot like Laguna. Brent and I went running this morning and I was COLD! The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful and beautiful. Tree-lined streets. Three of our neighbors rang our doorbell to welcome us; one gave me a note with ALL of her contact info, including email, one brought yummy fresh cherries, and the other baked cookies. People are so nice and friendly here.

I LOVE my house.

We've been trying to sell some things on craigslist, because our huge furniture just doesn't fit this house. We have about 10 people who want our fridge, but no takers on our sofa and love seat.

Oh - along with moving everything into the house and putting together furniture, my dad also put together all of the IKEA furniture I bought. AND my mom un-packed almost every single box.

Brent went back to work today :(. We missed him.

I'm glad to be in my own home, and I'm OVER THE MOON to be with Brent again, but I miss my mom and dad. Such is life, right?

Now, who wants to come and visit us?


Jessica said...

Thanks for sending me an email with your blog link. I'm so happy for you guys and glad that you can all be together again! Your house is adorable and it sounds like you're lovin' it! Congrats! We're not too far from you in North Idaho, maybe we'll have to meet up sometime :)

Kerri said...

Where are you guys? We are moving to Seattle. Well - actually Arthur is already there, and I am here trying to get the house ready to sell. But, we'll all be there in the next month or so. It would be great to see you! What a beautiful home, btw! I love it!!

Rachel said...

Your house is ADORABLE! Please post pics of the inside soon! So happy for you Lisa!!!!