Saturday, June 26, 2010

world cup and other things

Last night my dad took Mercedes camping. She's wanted to go for so very long. (Her Dad's not much of a camper, and he's been in the middle east for almost a year). Poor Coop was left behind because he refuses to use a toilet. He loves his diapers.

Isn't it always difficult to sleep in a new place with new sounds? It is for me and it was for Mercedes. My Dad has a super-cool tent that attaches to the bed of his truck, so at least they didn't have to sleep in the dirt! But she was awake often. She told me that the river woke her up in the middle of the night and then some four-wheelers woke her this morning. Dad said that she made him check his watch at 4 am. That's my girl. She always has to know what time it is.

Neither of the campers returned this morning in the best of moods. Little sleep will do that, no? So in an effort to get the kids out of Dad's way while he was cleaning the floors (his Saturday morning ritual - along with going to Costco, of course), I took the kids to Target to play with the toys. And boy did we have fun!

We got popcorn and sodas and explored all of the toys, starting with BUZZ and WOODY and ending with BARBIES and LEAP YEAR. Then it was time for me to find some new makeup. I heard that navy eyeliner is "all the rage" this summer and wanted to try some. While I was intently examining the choices, I heard Mercedes screaming : "COOPER! You don't touch that!!! You don't put that on your LIPS! Cooper STOP!!!"

He'd successfully decorated his lips with lip (or maybe eye) liner, and his cheeks with dark brown eye shadow. It was lovely. He was really into it. He said, "I want to buy some makeup!" To which I replied, "Boys don't wear makeup." I realize now that that's not quite true these days, but it's the rule in our house (except for Halloween and dress-up, of course).

We came home to catch the last 60 minutes of a 90 minute plus 30 min overtime World Cup game. How awesome is the US Team?!
And they got soooo close. I wondered aloud to my sports fan brother, "why is soccer such a HUGE deal everywhere else, and most people in America don't care a bit about it. We're all about football here." Now, I understand football (a sport close to my heart), but I SOOOO do not understand all of the hoopla about baseball. Not to offend, but I find golf MUCH more interesting to watch. And Curling. I like to watch curling. And soccer - it's so fun to watch.

This is a blurry picture of my brother Chris, who I adore.
The kids adore him too.
He's the coolest uncle ever - he let them jump and climb all
over him during the World Cup game.

Tomorrow's a big day for my dad. I'm not suppossed to know about it, but my mom has a hard time keeping good (happy) secrets. I'm even worse. How painful is it to keep wonderful news all to yourself? Pure torture, I tell you. So I'm planning on making him a Coconut Cream Pie (and also a Chocolate for mom and kev who despise the coconut) and some creamy chicken enchiladas. Chris and Kev and Annmarie are coming and I'm so excited to be with my whole family. (Well, with exception of Brent, of course). It doesn't happen often enough.

And here's to two weeks until we can officially move into our very FIRST house!!!!!! Can I get a woot-woot and a yeee-haw?

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