Tuesday, June 29, 2010



I just saw Eclipse (the movie) and I have to say... it's so much better than I dared to hope.

Brent and I laughed through Twilight, and I sort of cringed through parts of New Moon (totally fake werewolves and a shirtless Edward).

But the latest installment of the Twilight Saga was, dare I say? Pretty darn good.

I think that the only time I really cringed was when (at least) 100 middle-aged housewives screamed because Jacob was shirtless. It happened a few times. That's what I get though, for going on opening night.

I don't know if there is another new director, but the acting, the timing, the cinematography... all much improved.

I'm actually looking forward to Breaking Dawn pt. 1. Anybody know when it's coming out?

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Desi said...

Agreed! When does he come home?