Tuesday, June 29, 2010

busy days

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time getting ready for our big move (next week!!!). You know: packing, organizing, cleaning, setting up utilities, etc.

My cousin Rachel came to watch the kids for a couple of days last week, and it was heavenly. Besides being one of my favorite people and a ton of fun, Rachel LOVES my kids. Also, I was able to get a TON of work done without feeling guilty for neglecting the little ones.

Memorial Day 2010, photo taken by my fabulous cousin, Lolli

Today Brent's mom (Gram) watched the two boys while I took Mercedes to her last Utah Gymnastics class. Usually I just drop her off because sitting quietly does not happen for those two - EVER. It was so much fun to see the skills she has acquired on the beam, floor and bars. I noticed that she kept looking at me; checking to see if I was paying attention. Each time I would give her a big grin and she'd smile back.

Gram with Aunt Suzannie, Sept 2009. Aren't they a gorgeous pair?

This afternoon I was at our local gas station and overheard something FANTASTIC:

Behind the counter were a young woman and a young man. They were each aged somewhere between 16 and 22. The young woman is beautiful: tall, long and silky hair, huge smile. I heard her say to her co-worker who'd made a comment about looking cool: "It's more important to me to be nice than it is to be cool."

Now that's a girl who's got it all together and knows who she is.

Less than two weeks until our family is reunited!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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