Thursday, June 24, 2010


This morning Coop came bounding up the stairs yelling:

"mom-meee! mom-mee!"

"When I get big I want to marry you like Daddy. So when I get big can I please marry you? Pleeease?"

This is the kid who tries my patience like nothing else in this world can. But he is just the CUTEST little boy on earth. My heart inflated and melted at the same time.

He was waiting for an answer, asking the same question over and over in true Coop fashion.

"Can I pleeease marry you mom-mee? Pleeeeease?"

It broke my heart a little to reply:

"I'm sorry Coop, but I'm already married to Daddy. You will find another wonderful girl to marry when you get big."

Rather than feeling heart-broken himself, he insisted:

"But I want to marry YOU. So when I get big I am going to marry you."

Wouldn't it be great if we were all a little bit more like three-year olds? They are confident that if they ask enough times, they'll get exactly what they want.

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