Wednesday, May 6, 2009

what a day

Lincoln rolled over for the first time; yay!  With both Mercedes and Cooper, I was anxious for progression.  I'm enjoying this baby-time with Lincoln because I'm just experiencing it.  No expectations.  But it sure was exciting for me to see that he is, in fact, growing up.  It's just amazing to watch him change and grow.  He's a chubby little guy, quick to smile and laugh.  He loves watching his brother and sister.  

Brent is leaving for Texas in the morning.  He'll be gone for a week.  I'm scared.  I don't have this three kid/baby thing down very well yet.  I guess that this is just a trial run for what's coming in August.  

Lincoln has hardly slept today.  For the first time in my life, I did the "put the kid in the car and go for a drive so that he will go to sleep thing."  My other kids never fell asleep in the car.  They were too busy screaming and crying.  Unfortunately, he woke up when I tried to move him from the car-seat to his bed.  He sleeps in his seat as long as the car is moving.  He won't sleep in it if I put it in his room.

I remember that when Cooper was a baby, there were days when he would just not nap.  I was always worried that when night came, he would still not sleep.  He always slept great at night.  Hopefully Lincoln will follow his brother's example.  I can handle not napping.  Night-time waking, however, turns me into a psychopath.  Really.  I do not function without sleep.

So far, Cooper has thrown up twice tonight.  We're out of clean sheets for his bed.  My kids rarely get sick and barfing is even more rare.  Hopefully, it was just something he ate.  There's no fever.  After the second barfing episode, I put him on a blanket downstairs, just in case he barfs again.  Mercedes (with whom he shares a room) is trying so hard to sleep. 

And there it went again.  The barfing.  He managed to miss the blanket and get it ALL on the living room carpet.  Nice.  Poor guy.  It's got to be what we had for dinner.  Yesterday on Oprah, (which I managed to catch 10 minutes of while I was feeding the baby), KFC advertised their new "grilled" chicken by posting coupons for free meals on  She said that a drumstick or wing is only 80 calories and that she'd had it for dinner the night before.  Great, right?  Nope.  

We're not a fried chicken family.  We had it once when we first moved here in July because it was the closest fast food to our house, our power wasn't yet turned on, and we were starving.I thought, "well, grilled chicken sounds good and it's FREEEE!  

This new "grilled" stuff is GREASIER than the fried stuff!  I've never seen so much grease in a piece of chicken before.  It was really gross.  I choked down a drumstick, and Brent had a wing.  All that Cooper ate was a few bites of "baked potato fries" or something like that.  And each time the barf has not smelled like traditional barf.  It has smelled like grease.  Yes, it smelled EXACTLY like our dinner.  

And... again.  Boy.

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