Thursday, May 7, 2009


Brent is convinced that Cooper gets sick more than Mercedes because he refuses to eat produce.  Cooper has ALWAYS been a terrible eater.  Mercedes hardly ever gets sick, and she eats lots of fruits and vegetables.  Cooper, though, is MUCH more stubborn than Mercedes. 

 He likes bread.  And cereal.  Oatmeal.  Yogurt.  Loves milk.  And granola bars.  Some days he will eat a sandwich.  McDonald's Cheeseburgers are a favorite.  And ice cream.  And... that's about it.  We hardly ever get him to eat any dinner.  We don't give him other stuff; he just doesn't eat at night.  He used to like apples; then he started just taking one tiny bite out of each piece.  Now he doesn't touch them.  

What am I to do?  Dairy and grains aren't bad... but he isn't getting any of the vitamins that he needs.  I've tried giving him dressing to dip carrots in, but he's gotten too smart for me.  He just uses the carrot like a spoon until his small amount of dressing is gone, and he's done.  

He's also a moody eater.  Sometimes he'll eat a banana, or a pear, or strawberries, or grapes.  If he doesn't like what's offered, he literally just goes without food and it doesn't seem to faze him.  Maybe that's why his little legs are like toothpicks?

Last night after screaming through a blessing and barfing two more times (including the Pepto brent forced down him), he finally slept in peace.  So far today he's asked for cereal, oatmeal, a granola bar, and a pear.  He's eaten nothing, but insists that his tummy doesn't hurt.  His four snacks are all sitting on the table, waiting for him to feel well enough to eat them.  Fortunately, he finally drank a cup of milk and two boxes of juice.  

Any suggestions?

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Meggan said...

Dylan is the EXACT same way! I don't think he has ever eaten dinner in his life. He is so picky and I am always so worried about him. He seriously only eats dairy and breads.