Sunday, May 24, 2009

I did it all by myself!

That's a phrase that Cooper repeats often.  But today, I'm saying it.  I made it through church all by myself!  It's something that I've been scared of trying since Lincoln was born, mostly because Cooper isn't the most well behaved little boy in Sacrament meeting.

Usually when Brent's on call, he stays home from church.  He's supposed to stay within 30 minutes of the base, and our church is more like 45 minutes away (twenty minutes from our house).  Today I talked him into going.  He really didn't expect to get called this afternoon.  As we were getting into the car I told him that we should probably take two cars, just in case he got a call.  Brent really didn't think we needed to, and I digressed.

Cut to the opening hymn of sacrament meeting... and Brent's phone rings.  We all tracked back out into the rain and drove Brent home.  Then I turned back toward the church.  We made it back just in time for a downpour, and of course since we were late the parking lot was full.  I tried to have Mercedes and Cooper get out near the door before I parked the car, but Cooper refused to get out of the car.  (Two year olds are just so cooperative, aren't they?)  Mercedes hopped out and was the only one of us not soaked by the time we snuck back into the chapel.  

After extracting two molars, Brent made it home just a few minutes before we did.  The kids were all WONDERFUL during church, much to my amazement.  After being sick for two sundays, it felt so good to be at church.  All in all, it was a great day.  

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