Saturday, May 16, 2009

That's crap.

Oooooo how I detest that word.  It's just gross and crass, I think.  Yes, I admit, that every once in a while when I'm really mad it comes out of my mouth.

Just now I shared with Brent an experience that he'd missed while he was getting combat training in Texas.  

The other day, Cooper and I were sitting on the floor and he pointed out a piece of thread balled up on the carpet.  

"That's crap," he said.

"WHAT?  What did you say Cooper?"

"That's crap."

"Cooper, we don't say that word."

And Brent's reaction to the news about our little potty mouth?  

"Good job Cooper!" and a high five.  Yes, a high five.

Mercedes said, as she was pointing to Brent, "That's what Daddy says!"

He just loves to drive me nuts.

At least Cooper's also picked up the adjective "awesome," so he's not learning all bad words.

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Suzanne said...

That is such a Utah thing. Dave is always teasing me because I say crap ALL the time.

I love all of the little videos. It's fun to see my happy little friends. I miss you guys.