Wednesday, June 1, 2011

happy june!

We're so happy it's June!

Brent's program doesn't officially start until July, so we've enjoyed having him at home with us this past week.  He's been painting and yard-working and teasing and playing and cleaning and relaxing and studying hard.

On Monday we tried to see Mt. Ranier... we drove all the way to the National Park, but the overcast skies obstructed our view.  Really, I wouldn't have guessed that we were anywhere near a gigantic mountain covered with snow and ice.  We did have fun eating lunch on a real (stationary) train.  The food was actually very good.

Lincoln has a new favorite word.  It starts with "S" and ends with "hut-up".  His other favorites remain, "leave me alone" and "go away!"  He still likes to pretend he's a monkey, foraging for snacks by climbing to the top shelf of the pantry.  When he gets really mad, he bares his teeth.  And bites.  Ouch. Living with a two year old is never boring.

Cooper has decided that he can now swim and no longer needs a life jacket in the deep-end of the swimming pool.  He swims with all his might, but doesn't really get anywhere.  He's making progress with the alphabet; his favorite letter is "Q."   Cooper recently lost his first tooth and has another one that's loose.

Also, Cooper is relieved to finally be sleeping in a "donkey brown" room (that's what Brent calls the shade I chose, which is really just a sand color).  Once it was painted Cooper told me, "I slept really well last night mommy.  I just couldn't sleep in the room when it was bright pink, but now I can sleep really well."  It was literally "bright bubble-gum pink" before.  One of these days I'll post a picture.  Brent is currently using the leftover gallon to paint the master bath.  I am excited that the mint green walls (painted to match the green tile floor, I suppose) will soon be a memory!

Mercedes is learning multiplication and loving it.  She has a new friend who lives a few houses away and is in 3rd grade and is very nice, whose name is "gracie."  I love that she lives close enough that I can watch Mercedes run over to her house to ask if she can play, without even leaving the front porch. I also love that she's a very nice girl.  Gymnastics is still Mercedes favorite activity.  In any room of the house she can be found doing handstands, walking on her hands, walkovers, etc... at any given moment.

I'm looking forward to summer and trying not to panic about it at the same time.  It will be great to have Mercedes home, and we'll love the freedom of going and seeing and doing in the sunshine.  I'm just a wee bit scared about losing Brent.  Apparently, for the first while it'll be a 7 day a week gig.  Eventually, once he gets fast at doing "notes" (?) for the doctors or cases he working with, he'll be home 1/2 days on the weekends.  He's already got trips scheduled for July and August.  At least I'll know he's safe this time!

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