Monday, June 27, 2011

today i don't feel like doing anything

It was VERY hard to get up this morning.  We've been sick for the past week, and this morning the head-cold hit hard.

At one point I got up to get Cooper some cereal.  And then I went back to bed.

Then I got up to change Lincoln's diaper.  And went back to bed.

The kids (who I rationalize are also under the weather and need to just rest) have taken turns picking shows/movies to watch.  I've let them watch as much as they want today.

I let the kids eat whatever they wanted.  Granola Bars?  Sure.  Goldfish?  Sure.  Cookies?  Sure.

I finally got out of bed for good some time after 9 am.

The downstairs floor is covered with granola bar and goldfish and pretzels.  And water.  And I don't care.

My wonderful husband doesn't care either; isn't that nice?  He's downstairs heating up some soup and pizza for the kids so that they get some nourishment today.  He understands how bad I feel because he's the one who gave me this cold.  And he loves me.

A cold in summer?  Really?

Except it doesn't quite feel like summer today, what with all of the rain and the temperature below 70 degrees.  But I sure do prefer this weather to the 90 degrees my dad says he's been experiencing in Utah.  We don't have air conditioning.

Hopefully I'll feel more like myself tomorrow.

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