Sunday, June 19, 2011

it's coming along...

One of the pros to buying an existing home (rather than a newly-built one) is that the home is already landscaped.  Well, we are silly people.  I've waited and dreamed of having my own home with my own yard, and once I got them I wanted to make them all my own.  When we moved in, the yard felt overgrown and as we began to take some things out... we ended up taking out everything except the lawn!  (almost)  

I waited and waited all winter to finally be able to plant something.  Spring came late to these parts.

And I made my first "online nursery" order.  I didn't realize when I ordered the weeping lavender that it would come as a bare stick.  No dirt.  No leaves.  Just a stick and some roots.  

But if you look very closely, you'll see that it's finally getting some leaves!  It's more than just a stick!!!

And the hydrangea I ordered looked dead for the longest time.  But it's blooming!  And it's beautiful.  This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago.  Now its bright pink.

One of these days we'll finally put down some mulch...

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Suzanne said...

You guys are brave! If I received that stick in the mail, I would have been nervous. You are making me want to buy more flowers and plants. I've been waiting on landscaping until we put in a fence. Then maybe I'll feel like it's OUR yard.