Friday, May 20, 2011

thank goodness poison control's open 24/7

It's not yet 9 am and I've already made my first call to Poison Control.

Usually  he's eating toothpaste or squirting room spray into his eyes at Marshall's while my back's turned.  He's a very sneaky kid who can find a way to get into anything, no matter how high.  His middle name should be stealth.

This time Lincoln got into the Azalea Food that I bought to try to bring my new little shrub back to life.  It hasn't survived the planting process, I'm afraid.  Maybe it doesn't like our soil.  Our gardenia looks to be kicking the bucket, too.  But on the upside our Mandevilla and Jasmine are doing well, it seems.

Brent is off taking some ACLS (?or something like that?) test that he's been studying for all spring.  Something about emergency heart stuff in case a patient comes into the hospital having a heart attack.  He's very happy to no longer be a dentist.  Technically, he'll always be a dentist, but he won't be performing dental work anymore.  Not so long ago it was his dream to be a dentist, but his dream has changed.  Now his dream is to be a surgeon.  I just hope that once he's a surgeon his dream won't be something else.

I'm on the lookout for a new dream, too.  Once upon a time my dreams were to: marry a wonderful man, have babies and get to stay at home with them, have my very own house.  Those have come true.  Now what?  I'm just living them.  But it's always good to have something bigger to reach for.  Not that living the dream isn't super-fantastical.

In other news, Coop is now a "two-wheeler"!  I'll post pictures soon.  Brent thought that he should take the training wheels off before the residency begins.  He didn't think that I would ever do it, and he's not expecting to have time for such things come July.  Coop's fallen once, on a family bike ride where his scraped up his ankle, but otherwise he's a pro.
He's very proud of himself, as he should be.  He got the hang of it right away.

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