Sunday, May 15, 2011

rainy sick day

I don't think that the rain has taken a break since it began last night.  I went to bed at 5pm and the rain comforted me through the night.  The flu has hit - again.  Hopefully I'll be it's only victim this time.
I went to church just long enough to teach a primary lesson on faith and obedience (I did my best to stay away from people, and I was armed with sanitizer).  Now I am in my bed, trying to distract myself from the pain.

Here's a snapshot of my week:

This is what I found on Thursday afternoon, when I came downstairs after doing some cleaning and vacuuming.  These brothers love each other, isn't it wonderful?  Neither of them will nap in a bed, but sometimes in the afternoons one or both will fall asleep either in the car or while watching Nick Jr.  They're up and moving at full-speed by 5:30 or 6 am, so if they have a few quiet moments in the afternoon, this is what inevitably happens:

In other news, Brent was so sick of traffic jams in our laundry room / hallway to the garage, that he came up with a solution yesterday.

The fourteen inch high table affords plenty of room to store the baskets under.  It's just too bad that the washing machine isn't front loading.  Mercedes was very proud of herself for helping.  She had the job of drilling holes.

On friday we cleaned and reorganized the garage, which included getting rid of some stored clutter.  It took Brent two hours to take almost everything out of the garage and place it in the driveway.  Thank goodness it was a sunny day!  The four more hours we spent cleaning and organizing was time well-spent.  Now each time I see the garage I feel light and happy, rather than depressed and discouraged - it was such a mess.

Now if only the whole house could be so clean and organized... or at least stay clean for five whole minutes...

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