Friday, February 25, 2011


Those of you who own a ceramic cook top are probably a LOT smarter than me.

But just in case, I'm here to warn you:

If you are boiling water with a lid on the pot, 
and then you take the lid off of the pot in order to place the whole wheat pasta in the boiling water 
and you put the lid face down on your ceramic cook top and leave it there, 
after a few minutes you will hear a very LOUD BOOM.  
And maybe if you live near a military base you will think that the BOOM 
was just another cannon or something going off.  
And you will most likely be ALARMED and GREATLY DISAPPOINTED to discover, 
once you've picked up said lid in order to wash it, 
that THIS (see pic above) has happened to you.

I was EXTREMELY relieved that we didn't have to replace the entire stove.  
We simply spent a few hundred dollars (that I could have found a MUCH better use for)
on a new cooktop.  LG shipped it to us and Brent installed it in about an hour.

The two weeks without a cooktop showed me just how reliant I am upon it.
I hardly ever use the oven.  
But the cooktop? 
Morning, noon, and night.

As my wise father says, "Life is just a bunch of experiences."

I hope to learn from this one... and never repeat it.

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