Saturday, February 26, 2011

family time

Today while Mercedes was at gymnastics,
 I visited our local Goodwill Store.  

I'm always looking for treasures, and today I found one!  
Most of the store was filled with junk... 
until I reached the book section.  
One of my first discoveries was an "almost new" blue leather quad (for $1.99)!  
The best part was that it didn't have a name engraved on it.  

So Cooper now has his very own set of scriptures.  

We're lucky that our kids like scripture time.  
Tonight, Coop couldn't wait.  
We usually read a little while before bed.  
By four o'clock he was asking, 
"is it time to read scriptures yet?"

Daddy helping Coop find his spot.
Lincoln's using Brent's mini military
version of the Principles of the Gospel.
Mercedes likes to pretend she's giving a talk when she reads.

Lincoln following along.

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