Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie Night

Mercedes placed this note on the refrigerator tonight.  

In case you are not fluent in 2nd grade literature, it says:

"Do not buy Reese's Puffs (it's a cereal)
because they are already gone."
by: Mercedes

When Brent is at Target he likes to see which cereals are on sale, 
and sometimes he'll buy one or two boxes.  
Last Saturday it was Reese's Puffs (Cooper's choice), 
and this morning Mercedes opened the box.  

What you may not know about Lincoln is, 
that he is like a 2 year old Neal Caffery 
(if you haven't seen "White Collar" on USA, he's an EXCEPTIONAL thief).

Lincoln can get into anything, anywhere.  
He is very sly and quiet and sneaky.

And today, he downed the entire box.  

Mercedes was appalled.  

Brent wasn't surprised.

Tonight we're enjoying a family movie night.  
"Kit Kittredge: an All American Girl" is playing, thanks to our local public library.  
Brent is patiently sitting on the couch while the kids devour popcorn 
on the floor with their pillows and blankets, 
and I sit here at the kitchen table and type.

A great end to a tiring week 
(two snow days and a late start on top of a federal holiday does not 
make Mercedes a content little girl).  
We've had our share of fighting and whining and hitting and crying.  
It's nice to enjoy some peace time.

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