Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a month in pictures

Yumola Fruit Pizza for my birthday.

Mercedes and Daddy just before her baptism on December 18th.

Christmas Morning.  No rest for the wicked.

It's a Bethers' family tradition: the pinata.
Maybe if we had one of these at home our
kids would hit each other less often?

Uncle Chris and Mercedes, baptism morning.
They love each other.

Birthday Boy is FOUR years old!  December 13th.

Brent got creative with the cake.
It's a "funfetti" baked in a bundt pan,
topped with whipped cream
and some Toy Story characters.

Coop and cousin Britton sledding in Midway.

Suzannie and David, aren't they cute?

Gram and Grandpa Bethers.

Kimball, giving it his all.

Lincoln is spoiled again.
He spent most of his time in Utah glued to Grandpa.
Now he thinks that I should hold him all day and night.
Thanks alot, Dad.

Lincoln had more fun playing with Coop's birthday cake
than he did eating it.

A live Nativity is an Allphin family tradition.
This year Mercedes got to play Mary.

The whole Bethers clan.

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Suzanne said...

That pic of Mercedes and Daddy is so sweet. When are we going to get together again?