Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today as a primary we practiced for our upcoming Sacrament Meeting Program. Cooper fell asleep. I saw him slow-blinking, trying so hard to keep his eyes open. Then he leaned on the back of his chair. Then his teacher held him for the rest of church (over an hour).

After our meetings, our ward had a "break the fast." Before the prayer was said, Lincoln had dumped a pitcher full of ice and water on the table, me, him, and cooper - all of which ended up on the floor. Now those "motion detection" paper towel dispensers seem really nice most of the time. But when we were cleaning up a pitcher full of water today? I saw the drawback. Brent finally found a mop and then we were all good. And wet.

As Cooper was getting into the car with Brent and acting up (per usual) Brent said, "Cooper, if you don't settle down then I'm going to pull one of your hairs out." Cooper's response? It was sooo Coop: "THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"

On the way home Mercedes said to Coop, "you smell funny... you kinda smell like Grammy." I realized that his teach had left a remnant of her scent all over him. It smelled nice. Just like Grammy.

But the definite highlight of the day was my Mercedes; braving her nerves enough to share her testimony in church for the first time. She's been practicing for the past few days. She decided all on her own that she wanted to (she's always been WAY too scared in the past to even consider it), and then in preparation she wrote out what she'd say and practiced it. It went like this: "I bear my testimony that I know this church is true. And I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and Jesus died for us. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." From the stand I saw Brent get teary. Coop just barely preceded Mercedes in the meeting. She didn't want to get up first, and so fearless Cooper went. And BLASTED the congregation. That kid knows how to make his voice heard in a microphone! But it was very sweet and humbling and touching.

Now we're just waiting for our "family project" to finish baking. Brent has wanted to make peach cobbler all week, and so he enlisted all of us to help him this evening. It's smelling pretty good right now. You're welcome to come by and enjoy it with us!

You're also welcome to bring some vanilla ice cream with you if you have some on hand.

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