Tuesday, September 21, 2010


  • I've misplaced our usb camera cord, so I can't download pics from my camera, like the ones I took today of Coop and his friend Tanner playing in our pop up tunnels.
  • I ordered directv. I bought a super-expensiv-o antenna, and it only got one channel. So I gave in. I miss the news the most. We'll down-grade our internet and cancel netflix. Can't get FoxNews on Netflix, you know?
  • Cooper "peed" (pardon my speech) on our leather couch. He fell asleep yesterday before I realized it. He woke up wet a little while later. Oh well. That's life with kids, right? At least that's what I tell myself every time he has an accident (5+ times a day).
  • I've been getting excited each time I see sunshine. This is because it's a rare occurrence anymore and I've decided to be grateful each time it appears.
  • I fell asleep at 7:30 last night. Getting up at 4:45 to exercise with Brent means that I fall asleep at night before the kids do! Hopefully I'll adjust soon...
  • Lincoln's top canines finally came in. He's still working on the bottom ones, the poor little guy. He hasn't woken up screaming in the middle of the night for a few days now - a wonderful thing indeed.
  • We discovered that there is a girl in Mercedes' class at school who is also in our ward! Hip hip hooray! She's had a difficult time making friends so far, and there's only one other girl in her primary class. But Megan (who is also in her school class) just switched to Mercedes' primary class (there are two for her age group) and they have become fast friends. Even better? Megan lives just down the block!!! I was able to tell Mercedes that my prayers were answered on Sunday when we met Megan, because I've been praying that she would make some nice friends and the loneliness would end.
  • One of my bike pedals fell off during our family bike ride on Saturday morning. Thankfully, we were close to home by then. The pedal is totally stripped, and I miss my bike already!
  • Cooper has added "crane" and "Bob the Builder" to his repertoire. So now he pretends: to be a dog named "Lollipop" or a horse named "Skip's Up" or "Mr. Crane" or "Bob the Builder." When he's pretending to be a crane, he crawls around saying "crank, crank, crank" over and over and over... it gets old but I'm glad that he likes to use his imagination.
  • Lincoln says "Mama" a lot now!!! I love it. For so long, he'd only say "Dad-ee" and "Pam-paw." (grandpa). He also says, "tank-too", "dog-ee", "no no no", "yes" and "milk."
That's all that comes to mind at the moment.

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