Monday, September 13, 2010

park city, bethers style

In August Brent and I were privileged to spend some alone time in Park City, UT. It was gorgeous.

We didn't have to worry about our kids at all, because we knew that they were safe and well-cared for (meaning SPOILED ROTTEN), thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. Although, I did worry about the abuse said g&g must be getting from my rowdy kids.

We stayed here:

It was a comfortable and cozy bed and breakfast, with super-great service.

The highlight of our weekend (other than getting to just spend time together without anyone demanding to be fed or held or wiped, etc...) was a ride on the Park City Ski Lift.

We found our future vacation home:

And enjoyed stunning views:

The pictures are so gorgeous that I've almost forgotten how scared I was to be so very high up, riding on a string. Or that I was FREEZING cold in my capris and sweatshirt. Or that it was very LONG.

We had fun together.

That's really the point, right?

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