Thursday, March 11, 2010


I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And so does the capt., I hope.

People over there are getting stir-crazy and losing it. Breaking rules. Basically losing control of themselves.

He's been working really hard to get exams done for each of the soldiers in his brigade, so that when they get home it will be quick and easy to get them all fixed up and ready to move on. For him, working really hard means starting exams and operative procedures at 6 or 6:30 am and working NON-STOP until 7 pm or later. It's like he's in dental school again.

And finally "the powers that be" (or the surgeon cell, who decide where all of the medical officers are needed) realize that the captain needs to be home with the first wave of returning soldiers, so that they can be treated immediately.

So he will be returning early or mid-June!!!! He'll have two weeks of leave (which we'll spend moving to Ft. Lewis) and then he'll get back to work.

The kids have gotten to the point (he's been gone since August) where they talk about him non-stop. When he first left, they could go days without really minding his absence. They didn't talk about him much, other than the, "please bless daddy that he will be safe" in their prayers each night. They've got Grandma and Grandpa and Gram and Grandpa B. and Uncles and Aunts and Cousins here to keep them distracted and feeling loved. But at this point, they feel like me. We all just want to be with daddy. We want to be in our own home (we've been staying with G&G C.), with our own toys and beds and rooms and kitchen and make as much noise and mess as we want without bothering anyone. We're also anxious to get away from the snow - something we're not really used to (nor do we want to be).

So now we can make plans! We can find a place to live because we know when we need to be moving in. Ahh. Just feels so good to be able to plan. And to finally see the light.


Rachel said...

So happy for you Lisa! How wonderful that must feel!

Angela said...

June will be here before you know it! Hope you guys are doing great!