Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today we were all in the car, on our way to the mall. Lincoln's finally started growing (now that he's eating FOOD), and needed some new shoes.

This fall I fell in love with the "GLEE" soundtrack. Every once in a while I get a "music turn," and today I chose Glee. Contemporary songs, "musical" style. Some of the songs are ones that I wouldn't normally find myself listening to. So the song "gold-digger" comes on and the kids start kicking their legs and dancing their arms... and then I hear it: "digger!"

I really never expected to hear one of my kids singing along to a song like "gold-digger" (orginally by Kanye West). If there's a kid of mine who will repeat something, it's Cooper.

In fact, for most of the drive home he screamed and yelled and hit and kicked (low blood-sugar), and then started with: "Mommy, you are stupid! Hahahahaha." He really cracked himself up. Everyone got a turn: me, Lincoln, and then Mercedes. "Lincoln, you dummy!" Every once in a while, Cooper will get really excited about saying "naughty" words. Words like: "poop," "barf," "shut-up," "stupid," and "dummy." He thinks its super-hilarious. That's a total boy-thing, isn't it? At least, I think it's mostly a boy thing.

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